[Data Analysis/Power BI] Are you out of ideas or feeling unhappy about your data analysis career?

You’re not alone. Every time that I’m stuck in a project and the ideas are running out, I try to convince myself that this is a problem that I must face and win.

But how?

It’s not easy. But you have to give it a shot. Start creating simple visualization models. Consider doing SQL basic queries and then connect it with Power BI (or in your favorite #dataviz tool) to create dashboards. Produce some Excel PivotTables and create a chart with the data. Run a csv file in Python and create a line graph. I don’t know how, but just make it happen!

Check out the image below. You can see the weather conditions over the last days of summer here in Rio de Janeiro. That simple. It took me 1 hour to finish it. Is it a super dashboard? NO! But it helped me out to understand how the ‘Cariocas’ dealt with it over these days — and that’s fine! You don’t need to be a rockstar every day!

Yes, Rio de Janeiro is kind of hot in the summer

But NEVER stop practicing. Even if you’re not a pro or a data expert, invest in yourself at least 30 minutes for daily practice.

I’m sure that you know a superhero in the Data Analysis industry responsible for creating outstanding dashboards, jaw-drop SQL queries, and top-notch Python reports. These guys start someday like you. But I can guarantee that they had the same issues that you’re probably facing right now.

Start new connections on Linkedin, build relationships, and, again, NEVER stop studying!

In case you’re building your Data Analyst career from scratch, here’s a list of great professionals in this area that you can learn a lot from them:

- Alex Freberg (Python, SQL, Tableau)
- Helen Wall (Power BI, R, Excel)
- Robin Hunt (Data Analysis)
- Matt Brattin 📊 (Excel, Data Analytics)
- David Langer (Excel)

What do you think about this? Share your impressions on how you deal with the lack of creativity.

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Thiago Araujo

Thiago Araujo

Financial Manager, Data Analyst and studying Data Science to be the next genius of my house. I love football, burger and drums.